Tindeq snow saw

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The ultimate snow saw Long cutting length in a light-weight and sturdy design.

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The Tindeq snow saw consists of three segments that can be connected to form a saw blade of either 70 cm (using two of the segments), or 105 cm if all three segments are connected.
We have aimed to make a saw that is lightweight, compact, sturdy, and sufficiently long to efficiently perform the common snowpack stability tests. The saw is produced from anodized 7075-T6 aluminium with laser-engraved measuring marks and snow-crystal grids. The sheath is made from recycled sailcloth. The total weight of the 3 parts is 375 g + sheath 50g. Leaving the mid-section at home for fast-and-light days makes a weight saving of 126g.
Order a minimum of 10 pcs to get your company’s logo engraved on the saw.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 45 × 12 × 2 cm
Cutting length:



AA7075 T6

Saw weight (3 segments)

375 g

Sheath weight

50 g

Collapsed length

45 cm

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4 reviews for Tindeq snow saw

  1. Kristian

    Best snow saw on the market! Lightweight, robust and versatile tool for snow profiles and stability tests.

  2. Andreas Haslestad

    The one and only snow saw for professionals on the marked!

  3. Dallas Glass (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a demo version of this saw for the last month at work and it’s hand down the best snow saw I’ve used in 2 decades as an avalanche forecaster. The design is clean, simple, and strong. The saw is light, precise, and smooth. I appreciate the flexibility to choose between a 70cm (what I use 95% of the time) and a 100cm saw depending on needs, conditions, etc. I’m very impressed!

  4. Katrina Roloff

    I asked my boyfriend for one of these for my birthday, and didn’t expect to get it. He secretly got it for me and I’ve taken it out 8 days already-and it’s never leaving my pack again. This is my “if you could only have one snow science tool” tool. Barely weighs more than my old snow saw. Fully in love. ❤️ Keep it up, tindeq, I’ll keep watching for more innovative products.

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