Progressor 150 & 300 Troubleshooting

Replacing the battery:

  • Gently pull out the battery tray with a flat screwdriver to replace the battery
  • For better battery lifetime, use a battery from a well-known brand like Panasonic, Energizer, or Duracell.
  • The battery size needs to be CR2032.
  • Orient the + battery side according to the illustration
  • Make sure you remove any stickers from the battery before installing it.

Low battery warning:

Vibrations may cause the battery to lose contact and the voltage will drop and a low battery warning will pop up. Poor connection with the battery may also be reduced this way:  

  • If there are no stickers on the battery, please modify the battery tray as demonstrated in this video:
  • Using the device in sub-room temperatures will reduce the battery capacity


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Progressor does not connect to the phone

  • If the battery is installed correctly, and the device doesn’t show up when scanning from your phone, try to connect from another phone to rule out any software-related issues.
  • Inspect the device for damages to the casing. If the metal body has been pulled partly out of the enclosure, the internal electronics is likely to have been damaged beyond repair.