How to manually update the Progressor firmware

If the firmware update in the Tindeq Progressor app fails to install you could either give it a try from another phone, or you can follow this procedure to manually upgrade the firmware using an external app.

1. Install the nRF Connect app on your phone (available for free on Google Play and App Store).

2. Download this zip file to your phone (

3. Open nRF Connect, click scan and connect to the progressor. (The progressor should show up as progressor_xxxx or something like dfu_target_xxxx).

4. Click the DFU symbol and tell the app where the file you downloaded in step 2 is located. The firmware update should start.

5. Close nRF Connect (or at least stop the scanning).

6. Open the Tindeq Progressor app and see if it finds the Progressor now.

If the update fails again:

Please follow the same procedure another time, now using this file (