Tindeq Progressor user instruction

Any user of this equipment is personally responsible for learning its correct usage. The user assumes all risks, and unconditionally accepts full responsibility for any damage and/or injuries that may result from using this equipment. BLIMS AS (manufacturer) and retailers deny any liability in the event of misuse and improper use or handling. Do not leave the device unattended to avoid others from misusing the device.  The product might break if load limit is exceeded, or if the device is misused or not properly maintained. 

This user instruction explains some of the correct and incorrect ways to use the equipment. Remember that there are more incorrect ways to use the equipment than what is shown here. Seek qualified instruction if you are unsure on how to use this equipment. Any and all disputes are governed by Norwegian laws and Lofoten tingrett is the proper legal venue.

The Progressor 200 & 500 marks the evolution of our beloved first generation Progressors. 

This dynamometer seamlessly connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, offering precise force readings for assessing the muscular strength of various muscle groups in the human body.

Compatible with both iOS and Android, our free app enhances your experience. If you’re keen on customization, take advantage of our open API, allowing seamless communication with the Progressor using Python or your preferred programming language.

Connecting the Progressor
Download the free app from Google Play or App Store

Enable Bluetooth on your phone, and wake up the Progressor by clicking the small  button on the Progressor. The device will automatically power off 10 minutes after leaving the app.

Please note, the Progressor is not supposed to be paired with the phone. The connection will be established directly from the app. 

The progressor will automatically power off after ten minutes of inactivity.

LED colors
Green: The device is awake but not connected

Blue: The device is connected.  Flashing fast when sampling data

Flashing red: Low battery warning

Solid red: Charging

Battery recharge
The device has a rechargeable LIPO battery that can be recharged from USB-C chargers. Do not use the Progressor while charging

Preferably, use nylon webbing or dyneema webbing to attach the Progressor directly to the anchor point, and the preferred accessories. You can use carabiners as well, but this may create excessive wear on the load cell body. 

For the most accurate load readings avoid using chains as these are more prone to introduce torsion when being tensioned. The mass of the chain can also introduce vibrations when being tensioned.

Care and maintenance
Keep in mind that everything wears over time. Even the best materials will at some point become subject to failure. Before and after each use, check for damages to the equipment and anchor points. If there is any concern about the condition of this product, stop using it immediately.
Keep your Progressor in a dry environment and not exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Avoid all contact with chemicals which can destroy the product. Isopropanol or surface disinfectants may be used to clean the outside of the device. Do not immerse in water or liquids.

The progressor uses a Rigado BMD-300 Bluetooth module which is CE and FCC certified, FCC ID: 2AA9804.

Questions or comments?

Please visit our public Trello board, where all app users can come up with suggestions, comment and discuss the app.

Check it out here: https://trello.com/b/kmBdY1Ce/tindeq-progressor-roadmap

If you have a feature request for the app, add a comment here: https://trello.com/c/qsQNTt02

For other inquiries, please feel free to contact us at su*****@ti****.com